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Creating an Azure Data Factory

This post is part 2 of 7 in the series Beginner's Guide to Azure Data Factory

In the introduction to Azure Data Factory, we learned a little bit about the history of Azure Data Factory and what you can use it for. In this post, we will be creating an Azure Data Factory and getting familiar with the user interface.

Spoiler alert! Creating an Azure Data Factory is a fairly quick click-click-click process, and you’re done. But! Before you can do that, you need an Azure Subscription, and the right permissions on that subscription. Let’s get that sorted out first.

Azure Subscription and Permissions

If you don’t already have an Azure Subscription, you can create a free account on (Woohoo! Free! Yay!) Some of the Azure services will always be free, while some are free for the first 12 months. You get $200 worth of credits that last 30 days so you can test and learn the paid Azure services. One tip: Time your free account wisely :)

If you already have an Azure subscription, make sure that you have the permissions you need. To create an Azure Data Factory, you need to either:

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Introduction to Azure Data Factory

This post is part 1 of 7 in the series Beginner's Guide to Azure Data Factory

Hi! I’m Cathrine :) I really like Azure Data Factory. It’s one of my favorite topics, I can talk about it for hours. (And I do.) But talking about it can only help so many people – the ones who happen to attend an event where I’m presenting a session. So I’ve decided to try something new… I’m going to write an introduction to Azure Data Factory! And not just one blog post. A whole bunch of them.

I’m going to take all the things I like to talk about and turn them into bite-sized blog posts that you can read through at your own pace and reference later. I’ve named this series Beginner’s Guide to Azure Data Factory. You may not be new to ETL, data integration, Azure, or SQL, but we’re going to start completely from scratch when it comes to Azure Data Factory.

Does that sound good? Are you in? Cool. Let’s go!

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Presenting Three Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

From November 4-8, I will be at Microsoft Ignite 2019, yay :) This year, I’m presenting three sessions! One breakout session and one theater session on Azure Data Factory (ADF), as well as one Diversity and Inclusion breakout session on personal branding.

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Sessions

Cathrine Wilhelmsen is speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019
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Speaking at dataMinds Connect 2019

On October 7-8, I will be at dataMinds Connect 2019! This will be the third and final event of my October mini-tour, after Techorama NL 2019 and Data Saturday Holland 2019. It’s going to be so much fun! :)

Logo for dataMinds Connect 2019

I just realized I haven’t been to Belgium since I spoke at SQL Server Days 2015. Wow! That was four years ago. Four. Wow. About time for a new visit, then! :D

On Monday, I will be delivering a full-day Azure Data Factory precon. Then, on Tuesday morning, I’m presenting a brand new session called Creating Visual Data Transformations in Azure Data Factory. An hour just about Data Flows, yeah! I’m looking forward to it, and I hope to see you there.

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Speaking at Data Saturday Holland 2019

Logo for Data Saturday Holland 2019

On October 4-5, I will be at Data Saturday Holland 2019! With 42 sessions and 600+ attendees, this is the event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals in Holland. Grab your ticket today and join us!

On Friday, I will be delivering a full-day Azure Data Factory precon. Then, on Saturday morning, I’m presenting a session called Building Dynamic Data Pipelines in Azure Data Factory. It will be a busy couple of days for me since I’m coming straight from Techorama NL 2019! But I’m very much looking forward to it :) Hope to see you there!

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