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Series: Beginner's Guide to Azure Data Factory

Welcome to this Beginner’s Guide to Azure Data Factory! In this series, I’m going to cover the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory in fun, casual, bite-sized blog posts that you can read through at your own pace and reference later. You may not be new to data integration or SQL, but we’re going to start completely from scratch in this series.

How do you get started building data pipelines? What if you need to transform or re-shape data? How do you schedule and monitor your data pipelines? Can you make your solution dynamic and reusable? Join me in this Beginner’s Guide to Azure Data Factory to learn all of these things – and maybe more :) Let’s go!

  1. Introduction to Azure Data Factory
  2. Creating an Azure Data Factory
  3. Overview of Azure Data Factory User Interface
  4. Overview of Azure Data Factory Components
  5. Copy Data Wizard
  6. Pipelines
  7. Copy Data Activity
  8. Datasets
  9. Linked Services
  10. Data Flows
  11. Orchestrating Pipelines
  12. Debugging Pipelines
  13. Triggers
  14. Monitoring
  15. Annotations and User Properties
  16. Integration Runtimes
  17. Copy SQL Server Data
  18. Executing SSIS Packages
  19. Source Control
  20. Templates
  21. Parameters
  22. Variables
  23. ForEach Loops
  24. Lookups
  25. Understanding Pricing
  26. Resources

P.S. This series will always be a work-in-progress. Yes, always. Azure changes often, so I keep coming back to tweak, update, and improve content. I just might not be able to do it right away! :)

Azure Data Factory Resources

This post is part 26 of 26 in the series Beginner's Guide to Azure Data Factory

For the past 25 days, I have written one blog post per day about Azure Data Factory. My goal was to start completely from scratch and cover the fundamentals in casual, bite-sized blog posts. This became the Beginner’s Guide to Azure Data Factory. Today, I will share a bunch of resources to help you continue your own learning journey.

I’ve already seen from your questions and comments that you are ready to jump way ahead and dive into way more advanced topics than I ever intended this series to cover 😉 And as much as I love Azure Data Factory, I can’t cover everything. So a little further down, I will share where and how and from who you can continue learning about Azure Data Factory.

But first…

That’s a wrap! Woohoo 🥳

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