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Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills (DataGrillen 2019 Session Recording)

At DataGrillen 2019, I presented a session called Uhms and Bunny Hands: Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills. The wonderful Amanda Debler (@texmandie) was kind enough to record it, yay! 🥳

The session recording is now available on YouTube, and the slide deck is available on SlideShare.

Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills - Session Recording

Watch the session recording on YouTube:

(As this was an unplanned session recording, we didn’t have any microphones. The sound quality could be better, but I decided to share this video anyway. I hope it can still be useful for others!)

Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills - Slide Deck

View the slide deck on SlideShare:

What will I improve next time?

At the end of my session, I tell everyone to pick one thing to improve each time they present. (Or more, if they want!) In my case, I have picked one lesson learned and one thing I want to improve.

Lesson Learned: Speak Louder!

Several feedback comments mention that I need to speak louder when I don’t have a microphone. I knew that I was in a fairly large and wide room, but it didn’t occur to me to ask anyone in the back or on the sides how the sound was once I started presenting. For me, it felt like I was already almost yelling! This is something I need to be more aware of in the future.

Takeaways: Always use a microphone, if possible. If no microphones are available, ask attendees for feedback on sound during the session.

Thing to Improve: More Demos!

Other feedback comments mention that my session could benefit from more demos. And by demos, I mean physically showing what not to do while presenting. Basically, more acting throughout my session 😅 This is something I’ve never tried before, so I’m still trying to find the right balance. I will keep working on this!

Takeaways: Don’t be shy, just go for it 😎

What’s next?

I’m leveling up! In September, I will be presenting a brand new presentation skills session - together with the awesome Alexander Arvidsson (@arcticdba). We’re combining our very different presentation styles at DATA:Scotland to deliver something we hope will be fun 😁

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