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Speaking about Microsoft Fabric at MsBIP Denmark

On Monday, April 15th, 2024, I will be speaking alongside Scott Sewell at Microsoft BI Professionals Denmark (MsBIP) 🥳

Speaker card showing Scott Sewell and Cathrine Wilhelmsen.

Scott will be talking about the topics closest to his heart: Dynamics 365 and Dataverse, and their integration into Microsoft Fabric. I’m actually really excited that I get to attend his talk, because one of my clients are getting close to migrating from Synapse, Synapse Link for Dataverse and Power BI into Fabric! 🤩

And I will be talking about the topics closest to my heart: Data Factory in Fabric 🥰 Read more about our topics below.

My awesome coworkers in Evidi Denmark are hosting the meeting in the AI Innovation House in Vejle. We’ll be hanging out in Quantum, a really cool 360° room! 🤯 I’m excited to hang out with my team during the day, and meeting the community during the evening. This is going to be a great day!

You can find all the information on the MsBIP page for Meeting #82. I hope you were able to sign up and that I get to meet you there!

Dynamics 365, Dataverse and Fabric by Scott Sewell

This session will explore the integration of Dynamics 365 data, including CRM, F&O, Sales, and Power Apps, within Dataverse. You will learn how to initiate and configure Fabric Link, understand synchronization strategies with OneLake, and create custom shortcuts. The session will also cover practical approaches to querying data in Fabric, from exploring tables and identifying field names to handling choice values, multi-select fields, and formatting for DateTime and currency values.

Data Pipelines in Fabric by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

This session introduces the Fabric Data Factory, showcasing how it merges Azure Data Factory Pipelines with Power Query Dataflows to facilitate robust data integration workloads. Attendees will gain insight into core concepts such as pipelines, activities, and connections, essential for streamlining data processes. The session will highlight the Copy Data assistance, an intuitive wizard that simplifies data copying at scale. Furthermore, we will delve into best practices and design patterns, emphasizing the advantages of breaking down complex data pipelines into smaller, reusable components, adopting incremental data loading for enhanced efficiency, and the importance of precisely naming and describing activities for clear and maintainable data workflows.

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