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High Performance Analytics with Sunil Agarwal

At Microsoft Ignite 2017, I had planned an interview with Sunil Agarwal, and was very excited about it. Then Sunil asked if he could bring Kevin Farlee. Of course! Then he asked if he could also bring their customer, Aaron Gerdeman from FIS. Even better! 😁

In this interview, we chat about SQL Server 2017, Resumable Index Builds, Adaptive Query Processing, Columnstore Indexes, High Availability, Real-time Analytics, Real-time Dashboards and the SQL Tiger Team.

High Performance Analytics with Sunil Agarwal, Kevin Farlee, Aaron Gerdeman

You can learn more in the SQL Server Database Engine Blog, follow Sunil Agarwal on Twitter @S_u_n_e_e_l and follow Kevin Farlee on Twitter @kfarlee.

I’m very happy they all managed to find time to talk to me, hope you enjoy the interview! To learn more, watch Sunil and Aaron’s session Delivering high performance analytics with columnstore index on traditional DW and HTAP workloads from Microsoft Ignite 2017:

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