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Notepad++ Word Count

This post is part 5 of 5 in the series Efficient work using Notepad++

Notepad++ Word CountNotepad++ has some great features for working with text, like macros and column editing. But what about finding information about your text, such as document length and word count? There are several ways to do this in Notepad++.

Notepad++ Word Count

If you have no plugins installed, you can use the built-in Summary function. If you are using the TextFX plugin you can use the Word Count function:

  • Double-click on Status Bar (shortcut to View → Summary)
  • View → Summary
  • TextFX Tools → Word Count

Differences between Notepad++ and TextFX
The Notepad++ Summary only shows the total word count. If you have text selected it shows you how many characters you have selected, but not how many words are in your selection.

TextFX only works when you have text selected, and shows you how many words and characters are in your selection.

More importantly, Notepad++ and TextFX counts words differently. Notepad++ counts hyphenated words as two words, while TextFX counts hyphenated words as one word. (TextFX and Microsoft Word counts the same way.)

Double-click on Status Bar

Notepad++ Word Count - Status Bar
Double-click on length or lines to display the Summary box:

Notepad++ Word Count - Summary All Text
This example shows the Summary when no text is selected.

View → Summary

Notepad++ Word Count - View Summary
Click ViewSummary to display the Summary box:

Notepad++ Word Count - Summary Selected Text
This example shows the Summary box when some text is selected.

TextFX Tools → Word Count

Notepad++ Word Count - TextFX
Click TextFXTextFX ToolsWord Count to display the TextFX box:

Notepad++ Word Count - TextFX All Text Notepad++ Word Count - TextFX Selected Text
These two examples show the TextFX box when all text is selected (left) and when some text is selected (right).


There are several ways to count words in Notepad++. In this blog post I show the two most common ways, by using the built-in Notepad++ function and the TextFX plugin. Please note that Notepad++ and TextFX counts words differently.

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