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SQLHangout #36 – Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris Hristov

SQLHangout #36 - Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris HristovThe recording of SQLHangout #36 is now available! :) In this episode, Koen Verbeeck (@Ko_Ver), Boris Hristov (@brshristov) and I chatted about presentation design, why design matters in your SSIS projects, about new features in SQL Server 2016, and why it is a fun time to be working with Microsoft technologies. It is also a special episode, since it is my first and Boris’ last episode as a host.

SQLHangout #36 – Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris Hristov

Check out Koen’s blog Under the Kover of Business Intelligence, take a look at all the great articles he has written for MSSQLTips and make sure you follow him on Twitter @Ko_Ver :)

Past SQLHangouts

All the recorded videos are available in the YouTube playlist and on the SQLHangouts Facebook page. You can find all of Boris’ previous blog posts in his SQLHangout archive, including his latest blog post about SQLHangout #36.

Upcoming SQLHangouts

Do you want to participate in a SQLHangout some day? Let me know! :) If you don’t want to participate in a SQLHangout yourself, but you have an idea for a topic or speaker, use this form or tweet and use the #SQLHangout hashtag.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Boris for everything he has done so far, and for trusting me to take over the SQLHangouts! I’m going to miss you as a host and promise to do my best to keep the SQLHangouts interesting :)

356labs – Presentation Design for Technical Presentations

Technical presentations vary from introductions for beginner audiences (where it is more about the why than the how), to deep dives for expert audiences (where it is all about the details). Some speakers prefer a more fast-paced and inspirational presentation style, while others spend more time on content and have a more informational presentation style.

A 5-minute lightning talk is completely different than a full-day workshop, but they have one thing in common: The content should be delivered in the best way possible so the audience leaves with new inspiration, new ideas and new knowledge.

Presentation design is not just about making things pretty. It is about making content understandable and communicating effectively. It is about creating a logical flow and a story that grabs the attention of the audience, keeps them engaged, and helps them remember the content when they leave.

Which of these two slides are you most likely to remember?

Presentation Design - Bad? Presentation Design - Good?

Presentation design is important. But let’s face it. It can also be really difficult and time-consuming!

I have a tiny designer living inside me and I love spending hours tweaking my slide decks, finding new fonts, searching for pictures and creating illustrations for my content. Presentation design is important to me, I enjoy the process, and I always try to improve and learn more.

But what if you don’t enjoy tweaking pixels as much as I do?

356labs is a presentation design agency that focus on creating high-quality slide decks, and also offers training on presentation design and presentation skills. They can help you make things pretty and understandable.

It was launched earlier this week by Boris Hristov (@brshristov), one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to presentation design for technical presentations. (Also check out his Presentation Design webinar and Introduction to Presentation Design course on Pluralsight.)

I’m a pixel-perfect control freak with OCD tendencies, but if there is one person I would trust to create a presentation for me – it’s Boris. I can’t wait to see the amazing presentations that 356labs will create in the future! Good luck :)