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Speaking at dataMinds Connect 2019

On October 7-8, I will be at dataMinds Connect 2019! This will be the third and final event of my October mini-tour, after Techorama NL 2019 and Data Saturday Holland 2019. It’s going to be so much fun! :)

Logo for dataMinds Connect 2019

I just realized I haven’t been to Belgium since I spoke at SQL Server Days 2015. Wow! That was four years ago. Four. Wow. About time for a new visit, then! :D

On Monday, I will be delivering a full-day Azure Data Factory precon. Then, on Tuesday morning, I’m presenting a brand new session called Creating Visual Data Transformations in Azure Data Factory. An hour just about Data Flows, yeah! I’m looking forward to it, and I hope to see you there.

dataMinds Connect 2019 Schedule

dataMinds Connect 2019 has 5 precons, 1 keynote, and 36 sessions for you to choose from! Now, I obviously hope that you would like to attend my precon and/or session ;) But if Azure Data Factory is not really your thing, or you have already attended these (yay you!), I’m sure you can find something else of interest at this event.

Precon: A Day Full of Azure Data Factory

With the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data, it can feel like a daunting task to create and maintain modern data integration solutions. This full-day workshop will arm you with the skills you need to build and orchestrate hybrid, complex and scalable data pipelines using Azure Data Factory (ADF).

We will start with a conceptual overview and cover the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory, including source control, security, and pricing. Then, we will build a metadata-driven solution to move data between on-premises and cloud sources. As we evaluate different design patterns and architectures for big data pipelines and modern data warehouses, we will continue to improve on our solution to make it more robust, dynamic and reusable. We will dive deep into the newly released Mapping and Wrangling Data Flows capabilities, and look at how to leverage SSIS lift and shift to gradually modernize existing solutions while retaining investments already made. Finally, we will configure monitoring, logging, and alerting, as well as review options for CI/CD using Azure DevOps.

…not for you? How about one of the other precons? :)

  • Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz & Pieter Vanhove: Azure SQL Database 2.0 – the new stuff!
  • Hamish Watson & Rob Sewell: Using AKS and Azure DevOps to bring DevOps to your Database
  • Adam Saxton & Patrick LeBlanc: Power BI – From Beginning to End
  • Simon Whiteley & Terry McCann: Azure Databricks: Engineering Vs Data Science

Session: Creating Visual Data Transformations in Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory v2 came with many new capabilities and improvements. One of biggest game-changers is the Mapping Data Flows feature, allowing you to transform data at scale – without having to write a single line of code!

In this session, we will first go through the capabilities and use cases for Mapping Data Flows. Then, we will explore the various transformations available, as well as the expression language and how to use the visual expression builder. Finally, we will look at how to debug, monitor, and optimize our data transformations.

…not for you? How about one of the other sessions? :)

See you there?

Get your ticket before they sell out! And if you’re attending, please let me know so I can come and say hi to you :) In the meantime, follow @datamindsbe and join the conversation by using the #dataMindsConnect hashtag. See you there!

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Cathrine Wilhelmsen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, international speaker, author, blogger, and chronic volunteer. She loves data and coding, as well as teaching and sharing knowledge - oh, and sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, and cats :)


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Hi, looking forward for your precon session, but I was wondering if there is much overlap between your precon session and the your session on the 2nd day “Creating Visual Data Transformations in Azure Data Factory”?

Hi Thomas, looking forward to seeing you there! And yes, the precon and regular session will be overlapping. If you attend my precon, you definitely won’t need to attend my regular session the following day. That frees up time for you to catch one of the other great sessions instead! :)

Hi! This is Cathrine (again). Just a reminder. I'd love to hear your thoughts, but please keep in mind that I'm not technical support for any products mentioned in this post :) Off-topic questions, comments and discussions may be moderated. Be kind to each other. Thanks!

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