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Speaking at Data Soup Virtual Summit

On August 14th, I will be speaking at the very first Data Soup Virtual Summit! This is a brand new, virtual conference organized by the wonderful Data Driven duo Frank La Vigne (@Tableteer) and Andy Leonard (@AndyLeonard).

Data Soup Virtual Summit Schedule

I will be presenting a new session called Understanding Azure Data Factory: The What, When, and Why. This is an overview session, focused on how Azure Data Factory can fit into larger Business Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning projects. We will look at some cool features in Azure Data Factory, but we will not be diving deep into the technology itself. (If you are more interested in that, check out my Azure Data Factory Deep Dives instead.)

I’m also very much looking forward to attending the other sessions scheduled at this Data Soup Virtual Summit:

Check out the full schedule here :)

Understanding Azure Data Factory: The What, When, and Why

What is at the core of every Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning project?


You need data to understand what has happened in the past, to predict what may happen in the future, to discover patterns and anomalies, and to gain the insight necessary for making faster and better decisions.

But before you can do any of those things, you need to collect, store, transform, integrate, and prepare your data. Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a service that enables you to quickly and efficiently create automated data pipelines – without having to write any code!

In this session, we will go through the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory and see how easy it is to build solutions that can work with all your data on-premises and in the cloud. We will explore some key features such as Mapping Data Flows for visual data transformations and Wrangling Data Flows for visual data preparation, as well as how to schedule and orchestrate your finished data pipelines. Throughout the session, we will discuss different use cases and scenarios, as well as when and why you should use Azure Data Factory for your projects.

Get your ticket!

Click to register for the Data Soup Virtual Summit on August 14th!

The Data Soup Virtual Summit is not free, but very affordable! A ticket is only $24.97, and gives you access to all the sessions. You can buy your ticket here.

Full disclosure: If you buy a ticket after using my referral URL, I will receive a 50% commission :)

Hope to see you on August 14th!

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