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Biml Syntax Highlighting in Visual Studio Code

Do you use Visual Studio Code? If so, I have some cool news for you! The Biml Support extension was released on July 19th, 2019. Once you install it, you can view your Biml files in Visual Studio Code with Biml syntax highlighting. Woohoo!

The Biml Support Extension

The Biml Support extension was created by Zachary Becknell. You can find the source code in his GitHub repository.

To install the extension, search for Biml Support (or even just Biml) under Extensions, then click Install. That’s it! :)

Screenshot of the Biml Support extension in Visual Studio Code

Biml Syntax Highlighting

Please note that you only get syntax highlighting with this extension. You do not get the full Biml or .NET intellisense, the BimlScript preview pane, or the ability to generate SSIS packages from Biml. For those things, you will still need BimlExpress for Visual Studio.

However! If you simply want to view your Biml files in a lightweight editor, the Biml Support extension works beautifully :)

If you are using the default light theme, the colors are similar to what you will see in BimlExpress:

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code with Biml Syntax Highlighting, using a light theme

You can easily switch to a dark theme if you prefer that:

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code with Biml Syntax Highlighting


A huge thank you to William Schmidt, who reached out and shared this with me. William had the idea for this Biml extension, took the initiative to contact Zachary, and Zachary then developed the extension. Yay, community! :D

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