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Speaking at PASS Summit 2018

In one week from now, on November 6th, PASS Summit 2018 kicks off with its v.20 Celebration party! Yay! :D

Cathrine Wilhelmsen is speaking at PASS Summit 2018

This will be the 20th PASS Summit, and my 6th time attending. These years have just gone *whooosh*! I have gone from being a shy first-timer in 2013, a volunteer in 2014, a crazy costume lady in 2015, a triple speaker in 2016, and a member of PASS HQ in 2017. I think this year I’m starting to move backwards – I’m “just” a speaker again! But I’m only presenting two sessions this year :)

I will be presenting one 10-minute Lightning Talk on Azure Data Factory, and one 75-minute General Session on Biml.


While I love talking about Biml, I’m very nervous about my session this year. Why? Because it’s a level 400 session, and that can mean very different things to different attendees. I presented a version of this session at SQLBits earlier this year, and I got feedback ranging from “too basic, needs more demos” to “too technical, needs more explanations”. I’m expecting similar feedback from PASS Summit :)

But! I have been working a lot on this session over the past couple of months. It will be different from what I presented at SQLBits, and it will even be different from the version I presented for MDPUG Norway, which was supposed to be my rehearsal. While I presented for MDPUG Norway, I realized that I had way too many things I wanted to improve, and have been tweaking ever since. Looking forward to it, but also very, very, very nervous!

New Data Transformation Capabilities in Azure Data Factory v2

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory (ADF) v2 came with many improvements, but things are about to get even better. How about some no-code data transformations in the cloud? That’s right! Data Flows are coming to ADF :)

In this lightning talk, we will look at the new Data Flow feature, compare it to SSIS, and build a demo to see the new data transformation capabilities in action. Cloud ETL has never been easier!

Session Details

Type: 10-minute Lightning Talk
Level: Introduction (100)
Time: Wednesday, November 7th, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM
Location: Room 615

Level Up Your Biml: Best Practices and Coding Techniques

Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language)

Is your Biml solution starting to remind you of a bowl of tangled spaghetti code? Good! That means you are solving real problems while saving a lot of time. The next step is to make sure that your solution does not grow too complex and confusing – you do not want to waste all that saved time on future maintenance!

Attend this session for an overview of Biml best practices and coding techniques. Learn how to improve and simplify your solution by using some common and some lesser-known Biml features. If standard Biml is not enough, you can implement custom logic by creating your own C# classes and methods. Finally, see how to bring everything together in an example project for creating and loading a data mart with facts and dimensions. Start improving your code today and level up your Biml in no time!

Start improving your code today and level up your Biml in no time!

Session Details

Type: 75-minute General Session
Level: Advanced (400)
Time: Thursday, November 8th, 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Room 612

See you there?

In addition to speaking, I am planning to be social. Very social. Because there are so many amazing people I want to see and catch up with:

My schedule is pretty packed, so I’m not sure I’ll make it to all of these. (I may have to choose between late-night karaoke and early-morning breakfasts. Does anyone have a time-turner?) But I will do my best! :D During the day, I will also be hanging out in the Community Zone when I’m not in sessions.

If you are attending PASS Summit 2018, I hope to see you there! Please come and say hi to me. Especially if you have read this far :D

Who is Cathrine Wilhelmsen?

Cathrine is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, author, speaker, blogger and chronic volunteer who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant in Inmeta, focusing on Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform. She loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, craft beers, ciders, cat gifs and smilies :)


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