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Speaking at SQLSaturday Oregon 2018

Cathrine Wilhelmsen is Speaking at SQLSaturday Oregon 2018

Anniversary, yay! That’s right, this year I will be attending my fifth SQLSaturday Oregon :D

In 2014, I was a volunteer who ended up doing an impromptu lightning talk about Biml. I returned as an actual speaker in 2015 and 2016, presenting my Biml sessions. 2017 was a different experience when I attended as a PASS representative. In 2018, I’m back as a speaker.

SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 Schedule

But for the first time at SQLSaturday Oregon, I will not be speaking about Biml :) This year, I will present a brand new session called Uhms and Bunny Hands: Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills.

In this session, we will go through a bunch of common presentation mistakes and how you can avoid them. How do I know so many presentation mistakes, you ask? Well, because I have made all of them myself :D

(No, really, the working title for this session was “Cathrine’s Blooper Reel”. You can find some examples in my posts Help! My computer is dead! and 3 Mistakes I Made While Presenting Remotely :D )

I want to do more than just give you a bullet list of what you should do. I want to show you what you should not do, and what you can do instead. It’s going to be different from my other sessions, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

There are over 50 sessions scheduled, so you should be able to find something interesting – even if you don’t want to learn anything about presentation skills :) Check out the full schedule, and make sure to register if you haven’t done so already!

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #SQLSatOregon, and if you want to connect with even more wonderful people in the community, you can also use #SQLPass and #SQLFamily.

SQLTrain to PASS Summit 2018

Will you also be attending PASS Summit 2018? If so, why not join us on the #SQLTrain on Sunday, November 4th? :D We have two train cars booked just for us, and there will be lots of donuts, conversations, and fun. If you’re a first-timer and don’t know anyone, feel free to reach out to me and I can be your train buddy :) It costs $60, and you can register on Eventbrite.

See you there?

If you are attending SQLSaturday Oregon 2018, please come and say to me! I would love to chat with you, whether it is about presentation skills, Biml, or anything else :) 

Who is Cathrine Wilhelmsen?

Cathrine is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, author, speaker, blogger and chronic volunteer who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant in Inmeta, focusing on Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform. She loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, craft beers, ciders, cat gifs and smilies :)


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