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Speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2018 (Twice!)

I am so happy and honored to have been invited to speak at Microsoft Ignite 2018! This year, I’m presenting two sessions focused on Azure Data Factory (ADF). The first is a 45-minute breakout session that I’m presenting with Jason Horner. The second is a 20-minute theater session that I’m presenting by myself :)

Cathrine Wilhelmsen Speaking At Microsoft Ignite 2018

Real-World Data Movement and Orchestration Patterns using Azure Data Factory V2

Real-World Data Movement and Orchestration Patterns using Azure Data Factory V2

In this session, we start with an overview of Azure Data Factory V2 concepts. Then, we go through some common design patterns for moving and orchestrating data, including incremental and metadata-driven pipelines. Along the way, we highlight common data engineering best practices for building scalable and high-performing ELT / ETL solutions.

Session Details

Code: BRK2279
Type: 45-minute Breakout Session
Level: Intermediate (200)
Time: Wednesday, September 26th, 4:30-5:15 pm
Location: OCCC W315

This is a 45-minute breakout session that I’m presenting with Jason Horner. We have previously worked on an ETL Design Patterns using SSIS and Biml workshop together, so this was a natural next step.

Pssst! We might be demoing a preview feature in Azure Data Factory. It might be a really cool preview feature. Maybe even a game changer. Don’t miss this ;)

Azure Data Integration: Choosing between SSIS, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks

Azure Data Integration: Choosing between SSIS, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks

You are a data engineer, tasked with integrating data for advanced analytics and reporting purposes. Do you use:

a) SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS)?
b) Azure Data Factory (ADF)?
c) Azure Databricks?
d) All of the above?

Spoiler alert! The answer is “It Depends” :) In this session, we first go through some common data integration scenarios for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions. Then, we compare the main capabilities and features of SSIS, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks. Finally, we look at how these technologies all fit into the modern data warehouse architecture.

Session Details

Code: THR1171
Type: 20-minute Theater Session
Level: Foundational (100)
Time: Thursday, September 27th, 1:05-1:25 pm
Location: Expo Theater #6

This is a brand new session, and can I tell you a little secret? I’m terrified to deliver it because it is outside my comfort zone of Biml! Plus, I don’t have anyone as a backup if I mess up something :) But I love the topic, and very much looking forward to delivering a session that I hope is useful to many people.

See you at Microsoft Ignite 2018?

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is completely sold out, but don’t worry! If you didn’t get a ticket, you can still watch all the sessions online. That’s right. All the keynotes and sessions will be recorded and live streamed! Check the Microsoft Ignite website on September 24th for more information.

I will be sharing lots of updates, pictures, and maybe even videos from Microsoft Ignite on Twitter! I’d love to connect with you @cathrinew, and you can join the conversation by using the #MSIgnite hashtag.

Yay! :)

Who is Cathrine Wilhelmsen?

Cathrine is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, author, speaker, blogger and chronic volunteer who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant in Inmeta, focusing on Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform. She loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, craft beers, ciders, cat gifs and smilies :)


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