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Ready for PASS Summit 2017?

PASS Summit 2017

PASS Summit 2017 is coming up next week! Are you getting excited? I know I am!

Every PASS Summit is a new experience for me. I have gone from being a shy first-timer in 2013, a volunteer in 2014, a crazy costume lady in 2015, and a triple speaker in 2016. This year I’ll be working for PASS HQ, hosting meeting, helping out with the First-Timers program and Birds of a Feather luncheons, and doing a bit of speaking. And a few other things :)

Things to look forward to at PASS Summit 2017

There are SO. MANY. THINGS. to do during PASS Summit! I’m still waiting for someone to figure out how to a) clone a person, b) teleport people, and c) merge human clones. It’s going to make my life so much easier. But! Before then, we just have to try to make the most of things. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to this year.

First-Timers Events

I still remember the feeling of being new to PASS Summit and new to the SQL Server Community. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but then I met a bunch of amazing people and discovered the #SQLFamily – and my life changed.

This year, we have re-introduced the Buddy Program. The Buddy Program teams up experienced PASS Summit attendees with a group of first-timers to help them get the most out of their experience. As I’m writing this, there are over 42 buddy groups currently planning their Summit experience! It’s not too late to sign up, just check out the link above :) I’m personally very happy to see the Buddy Program back at PASS Summit because it made such a huge difference for me back in 2013.

I’m also co-hosting the First-Timer Orientation & Speed Networking Event with Bill Graziano this year! This is going to be so much fun. This is aimed towards first-timers, but you are more than welcome to join if you just want to meet new people.

For more tips and tricks, read Edwin Sarmiento’s Preparing for the PASS Summit 2017 Guide.

Keynotes and Sessions

On Wednesday, Rohan Kumar will present Microsoft for the Modern Data Estate. On Thursday, Rimma Nehme will present Globally Distributed Databases Made Simple. Read all about the keynotes here. I can’t wait to learn from these two talented speakers, and I will also be live blogging. (Or at least attempt to live blog. I’m not sure my brain can process all that information while simultaneously writing, but I’ll do my best, haha!)

I don’t expect to attend a whole lot of sessions this year, but I do plan to attend the one I’m presenting ;) I will do a 45-minute version of my Advance Your Career by Becoming a Volunteer session on Thursday, November 2nd from 12:30pm-1:15pm. This is (unfortunately) at the same time as the amazing Women in Technology luncheon, so it will be interesting to see how many people will actually show up. Either way, my session will be recorded, woohoo! I will do my best to provide valuable information both for those who attend live and those who watch it later.

I also recommend the other two community sessions, hosted by the wonderful Kevin Kline: Introduction to PASS Summit on Wednesday, and Staying Involved with PASS on Friday. I wish I could go to at least 74 other sessions, but I will just have to watch the recordings afterwards :) Take a look at all the Conference Sessions and build your own schedule. Which sessions are you most looking forward to?

Community Events, SQLKaraoke and Sponsor Parties

If your brain isn’t completely fried at night, there are lots of things going on after the sessions are over.

Do you want to get to know other attendees? Join the MidnightDBA Meetup (there will be donuts!) and the Annual Networking Dinner on Monday.

Are you a Woman in Tech? Join the Women in Technology Happy Hour & Networking Event on Tuesday. Are you not a Woman in Tech? Join the event anyway! Everyone is welcome :)

Do you like to sing? We don’t care if you’re good, we just want to have fun! Join the teams from DCAC, SIOS, and SentryOne for the annual SQL Karaoke party on Tuesday, and the Pragmatic Works Karaoke Party on Wednesday. If you really like to sing, hang out with the hardcore SQLKaraoke crowd at Bush Gardens any night of the week.

Do you prefer a more quiet night? Play board games and have fun with fellow gamers at the Games Night. Feel free to bring your own games!

Do you love the amazing sponsors who help make our community events possible? Show them so love! They are throwing some really cool parties on Thursday. Join IDERA Fest or Redgate Rocks for music, drinks, dancing and lots and lots of fun :)

Learn something new and have fun!

There’s a lot more going on during PASS Summit than what I’ve mentioned here. Follow @sqlpass and #PASSsummit on Twitter for the latest news and join the conversation.

Enjoy your week, learn something new, and have fun! I hope you have a fantastic week and get the most out of your experience, whether that’s by attending smaller group dinners and playing board games, or by dancing and singing karaoke every night :)

Finally, come and say hi if you see me! I can’t wait to meet everyone. See you next week :D

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Cathrine Wilhelmsen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, international speaker, author, blogger, and chronic volunteer. She loves data and coding, as well as teaching and sharing knowledge - oh, and sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, and cats :)


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I am glad you have brought back the Buddy program. I did it for a few years and it was great to see the First-Timers get to enjoy Summit.

Hi! This is Cathrine (again). Just a reminder. I'd love to hear your thoughts, but please keep in mind that I'm not technical support for any products mentioned in this post :) Off-topic questions, comments and discussions may be moderated. Be kind to each other. Thanks!

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