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Cathrine + PASS = New Community Evangelist

Cathrine WIlhelmsen is the new PASS Community EvangelistIt’s November, and that means I’m now officially a PASS employee! Yep, that’s right, I will be taking over as the PASS Community Evangelist after the wonderful Karla Landrum (@KarlaKay22). And to tell you the truth, it’s both extremely terrifying and super exciting at the same time :)

Many of you heard the news at PASS Summit 2016 after we announced it during the SQLSaturday organizers meeting, and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who congratulated me afterwards. You are the community, and it truly means a lot to me to hear that you think I’m the right person for this role.

Why did you accept the job as a Community Evangelist?
My family and best friends in the community weren’t surprised when I told them :) The PASS and SQL Server community has been such an important part of my life for the past three years. Getting involved has literally changed my life. At my first PASS Summit in 2013 I was a shy, socially awkward person who was terrified of talking to people. At PASS Summit 2016 I was a speaker presenting two regular sessions and a lightning talk, and my favorite part of it all was getting to know lots of amazing new people. Volunteering in this community has given me so much, and this is my chance to give something back.

Does that mean you won’t be working in tech anymore?
Well, yes. I won’t work as a consultant or architect or developer and I won’t get hands-on experience with projects and clients. This is a full-time community job. I’m sure I will miss working in tech, but I will try to keep up with everything that’s going on in the Microsoft Data Platform world at events and on weekends. (Because, you know, once a geek, always a geek!)

What will you do as a Community Evangelist?
Support regional mentors, chapter leaders and SQLSaturday organizers, and look for opportunities to establish new chapters and SQLSaturdays. I will also be administering the SQLSaturdays and help events go live, blog, monitor social media, and work with the PASS Board of Directors and PASS Headquarters to support global growth.

Will you continue speaking and blogging?
Part of my job as a Community Evangelist is to share everything that PASS has to offer and opportunities for volunteering, especially at events where people are new to the PASS community. That means I will still be speaking, but I will be speaking as a PASS representative, for example doing lunch sessions at SQLSaturdays. However, I will no longer be submitting to speak at PASS events like I used to. I will definitely still be blogging, and I hope that I actually may get back to blogging more regularly – especially when my fingers start itching to get some hands-on experience with Biml and SQL Server again :)

PANIC! No, hopefully not :) Karla has been a fantastic Community Evangelist and I know people all around the world will miss her terribly! We have started the onboarding and handover process, and we will be working together for a couple of weeks so I can learn as much as possible about the job from her. While I know I won’t be able to fill Karla’s shoes, I promise I will do my absolute best for this community!

Let’s rock!
This is all you, #SQLFamily. You’re the heart and soul of PASS, just continue doing amazing things for your local communities and I will do what I can in this new role to support you. This is already the best community in the world, let’s make it even better in the next couple of years! :)

About the Author

Cathrine Wilhelmsen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, international speaker, author, blogger, and chronic volunteer who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Inmeta, focusing on Azure Data and the Microsoft Data Platform. She loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, craft beers, ciders, cat gifs and smilies :)


Hi! This is Cathrine. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts, but please keep in mind that I'm not technical support for any products mentioned in this post :) Off-topic questions, comments and discussions may be moderated. Be kind to each other. Thanks!

Welcome aboard, Cathrine! This is going to be fun. We’ll only work together for a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to it!

My absolute respect for your way! I don’t know you in person but following you the last 18 months and it is awesome what you’re doing and how you’re doing it !

I wish you all the best for your next step(s).

Congratulations ;)

Cathrine, in the short time I’ve been able to see and know of you it is without a doubt that you will do a great job. Best of luck and look forward to what the future holds.

Congratulations, Cathrine! We’ve never met but from my reading your blog posts and viewing your videos, it’s quite apparent that you are a skilled presenter and an excellent communicator. The PASS Community Evangelist role is in good hands!

Congrats Catherine! You’ll be great in this new role!

Best of luck on the move. I look forward to bothering you incessantly—err, I mean working with you. I can’t think of a better person for the job, and I know you’ll do great.

Welcome to SQL family .. wish to know you in any SQL Saturday LAtinoamerica soon ..

Congratulations, Cathrine! As Steve Jobs said (or was it Confucius?) that if you love what you are doing, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. And we’ve all seen how passionate you are with the SQL Saturdays, and the PASS Summit events, and it’s only natural that PASS found the right fit in someone with those aspirations – You! All the very best in your new role, and welcome to the continent!



Congratulations Cathrine! Wishing you the best from Argentina! Hope to met you soon in our SQLSaturday!

Congrats, Cathrine!

Congratulations Catherine, you will be awesome in this role. A true community leader.

So very proud of you!

You’ll be a platinum-level road warrior in no time. :-) Otoh, I’d be surprised if you weren’t allowed to deliver a “This is our community” type session for the lunchtime slot at SQL Saturdays around the world.

Congratulations Cathrine – you will do great and we are all pulling for you! #sqlfamily

Congratulations on the new role! I still remember our conversation in Charlotte back in 2013. I knew from that time that you’re a rockstar waiting to shine in the SQL Server community. And I’m very happy for you. Wishing you success in your new role.

The SQL Community is so fortunate to have you as the new PASS Community Evangelist!

Cathrine, you’re a special person with a big heart who gives so much to the tech community, and I’m delighted you’re helping to grow the PASS family. I’ve always said that people go into IT to help others, and you’re a shining example of that generosity. Love and congrats! We are lucky to have you x

Cathrine – awesome! I hope you will still be able to Evangelize on future SQL Cruises!

Your transformation since I first said “Hello!” to you is nothing short of astonishing!! PASS and the #SQLCommunity and #SQLFamily are fortunate to have you involved and even more so that you are taking a leadership role!

I hope I can help you revive/restart or relocate the SQL Saturday Wiki. Please contact me at 412-977-3526 (call/text) to discuss.

Hi! This is Cathrine (again). Just a reminder. I'd love to hear your thoughts, but please keep in mind that I'm not technical support for any products mentioned in this post :) Off-topic questions, comments and discussions may be moderated. Be kind to each other. Thanks!

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