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SQLHangout #36 – Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris Hristov

SQLHangout #36 - Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris HristovThe recording of SQLHangout #36 is now available! :) In this episode, Koen Verbeeck (@Ko_Ver), Boris Hristov (@brshristov) and I chatted about presentation design, why design matters in your SSIS projects, about new features in SQL Server 2016, and why it is a fun time to be working with Microsoft technologies. It is also a special episode, since it is my first and Boris’ last episode as a host.

SQLHangout #36 – Why Design Matters with Koen Verbeeck and Boris Hristov

Check out Koen’s blog Under the Kover of Business Intelligence, take a look at all the great articles he has written for MSSQLTips and make sure you follow him on Twitter @Ko_Ver :)

Past SQLHangouts

All the recorded videos are available in the YouTube playlist and on the SQLHangouts Facebook page. You can find all of Boris’ previous blog posts in his SQLHangout archive, including his latest blog post about SQLHangout #36.

Upcoming SQLHangouts

Do you want to participate in a SQLHangout some day? Let me know! :) If you don’t want to participate in a SQLHangout yourself, but you have an idea for a topic or speaker, use this form or tweet and use the #SQLHangout hashtag.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Boris for everything he has done so far, and for trusting me to take over the SQLHangouts! I’m going to miss you as a host and promise to do my best to keep the SQLHangouts interesting :)

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