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I will not try to take a Microsoft Online Proctored exam again

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL ServerAt least, I will not try to take a Microsoft Online Proctored exam again until they fix or change their exam software.

When I heard about Microsoft Online Proctored exams and found out they were available in Norway, I knew I wanted to try it. Taking an exam online would allow me to schedule it during the weekend without having to take time off work or travel an extra 2-3 hours in one day.

Reviews of the exam process were both good and bad. Some had technical difficulties and had to reschedule, some had technical difficulties and failed their exam, while others had no problems at all and were very happy. The first thing I did was to make sure that I passed the system requirements and the system tests. I found out that I couldn’t use my Surface Pro 3 because the camera did not take a clear picture of my ID. However, I could use my work laptop, and both system tests worked just fine.

I scheduled my exam, and on the day of the exam I made sure I reread all the fine prints three times. I cleared my entire office area and removed all items except my laptop. I made sure I wore clothes that would easily allow me to roll up my sleeves and turn out my pockets. I tied my hair in a ponytail so they could see that I didn’t have any devices in my ears. I was even careful not to drink too much during the day because bathroom breaks are not allowed.

As soon as it was time for my exam, I logged on and launched the application. It required an update before I could launch it, then it checked my microphone, my camera and my speakers, no problems. Then I had to take a picture of myself, and I took a headshot. After taking a picture you need to confirm that the picture is in fact a headshot. I clicked “yes” and nothing happened. The “next” button was disabled and I couldn’t click it. I clicked “yes” again and it returned to the screen where I had to take a picture. I took another picture, clicked “yes”, and nothing happened. I clicked “no”, and it returned to the screen where I had to take a picture. I tried clicking back and forth through the microphone, camera and speaker checks, took yet another picture, and still nothing.

Since I couldn’t get it to work, and I had turned off my phone so I wouldn’t be disturbed during the exam, I opened the Pearson Live Chat and explained my problem. It took about five minutes before a man replied. He asked if I could see the headshot on my screen. I said yes, and explained what I saw on my screen. It took another couple of minutes and then he asked if there was another button. I said that I could see the yes/no buttons and the back/next buttons. It took another couple of minutes and then he asked what happened when I clicked the “no” button. I said that it returned to the screen where I had to take a picture. I asked if it was safe to relaunch the application because my initial 15 minutes set aside for the check-in process had already passed. He confirmed that I still had 11 minutes to complete the check-in process, and I tried to relaunch the application.

Relaunching the application didn’t help. Updating Adobe Air didn’t help. I was still stuck on the screen trying to accept the picture I had taken. After another five minutes, he told me that he had created an incident report and that I had to call a Reservation Specialist the following day. I triple-checked that I would be able to reschedule my exam, he confirmed and left the chat.

On the following day I called the Reservation Specialist. He looked at the incident report and told me that they had not been able to investigate the issue yet. The Reservation Specialist could not reschedule my exam until they had investigated the issue, but they would call me back within two days when they had looked into it. Later that day I received an email that my exam had been cancelled, that the exam fee had been refunded and that I could reschedule my exam.

I tried the system tests again a few days later, and I got stuck on the same part where I had to take a picture. I tried it on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8, I tried it on my work laptop running Windows 7, I tried it on my old Windows 7 computer and I even asked my sister if she could try for me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash, Adobe Air and the Exam software on all systems. I tried on a wired and wireless connections. I closed and uninstalled programs that might interfere, but I kept getting stuck on taking a picture. I contacted customer support again, was told to send an e-mail with screen shots, and that I just had to wait for my scheduled exam. He told me “Please try at your scheduled time and check. It should work at that time.”

It didn’t work the last time at my scheduled exam time, why would it suddenly work this time? Finally I decided not to trust customer support, cancelled my scheduled Online Proctored exam, and rescheduled at a test center. Trying to get it to work for two weeks was just not worth it.

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Cathrine Wilhelmsen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, international speaker, author, blogger, and chronic volunteer who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Inmeta, focusing on Azure Data and the Microsoft Data Platform. She loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, craft beers, ciders, cat gifs and smilies :)


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Hi Catherine,

When I read the lines of your blogpost i was thrown back in 2012/2013.
I was ging through that nightmare with prometic three times when i did the MCM lab test….

A horrible situation. All the best to your Exam.
Maybe we can cellebrate the passing in February in Darmstadt.

Bye, Uwe

I had the same problem, no more online exam!.

Happy to stumble upon this blog when evaluating whether to go for an online exam! The system test “Powered by ProctorCam” still won’t go to the next step after taking the test photo. The Yes button seems to have no function. Tried to chat with Pearson Vue about it, but was just referred to call UK…
Since the system test still fails as described by Cathrine, I simply don’t trust the exam to work, and will go to Oslo for the tests.

My online exam went great, however on the last case study the webcam froze…. The person on chat was of absolutely no use and just told me he had cancelled the exam whithout even trying to help. While on chat however I finished the last 6 questions of the case study and received my score, 952/1000. So basically even if they removed the last case study from the exam when my webcam froze I would still pass. I see on my Microsoft learning the exam is passed but I reckon they are going to just remove it.

Don’t risk the online exam unless you cannot get to a test center, does not seem worth the stress….

I request NO ONE to take this proctored exam, this will not only drain away your time, energy but money too. I had almost same experience but immediately after I started my exam and then within 2-3 min my system hung-up, even though I passed both the system testings before opting for proctored exam.i did go through a system check before entering the exam if in case then i started my exam registration process , then my examiner did the whole surrounding check and then he uploaded the test and i just started reading my first question then i saw my system hang on … i called at the number given on the screen then I got a call from the examiner, he gave me an incident number followed by a wait of 3-5 business days . i received a mail on 5th day they said you are not allowed to give test again, even if you want to give the exam again PAY AGAIN and give the exam. even i wasn’t allowed for the second shot too as they have not mentioned anything about second shot. i requested them to let me give exam as even i haven’t started the paper but they said you can give the exam but need to pay again. Even after 15 days they didn’t upload my result . today is the last day for the second shot and i am still struggling between Microsoft and Pearson Vue customer care centers.

Yes, I escalate the matter to Microsoft too but they also seems like helpless as they can only talk to allow me but they have no right in this case.

I am thinking of giving up on Microsoft certifications as their third party is good for nothing , their customer care is horrible and people are not at all considerate. and i have to read before any certification whether it have any third party involved or not. I also tried to give 70-461 certification .

It drives me NUTS!!! It was showing connecting to the server for ever, so I missed my exam, when I called in, they told me they can’t reschedule my exam without investigation, and then never contact me for rest of the weeks. when I called in again, they told me they will transfter my call to Microsoft, IF I CAN ALL MICROSOFT, WHY DO I NEED YOU FOR !? I can’t believe Microsoft is partnering with this piece of shit company – Pearson, the WORST!!!!!

I had a very bad experience. While taking the exam, web cam got frozen and the proctor ended my exam. Its pathetic that I need to brush up again for the exam and reschedule it to do it on another day!.

I had exactly the same issue guys just yesterday I felt like a fool just waiting on someone to appear lol kept clicking join exam and got nowhere

Tried to get it to work on three different machines and I could not get it to work on any of them… Then I saw a chat screen from Microsoft coming up… They immediately redirected me to Pearson… I stopped my efforts… I will go to a test center.

I have scheduled an exam on 20th June 6PM EST (which is 8AM 21st June Sydney, Australia), but when I logged in it showed me “The service is unavailable” but nothing else.
I tried to login from 6PM till 09.30PM EST but I only got the same message. I tried from 2 PCs, Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro, also tried from 2 browsers IE 11 and Google Chrome. Had Trend Micro disabled. I have done 2 compatibility ‘tests’ as advised before and both tests advised that my computer system is compatible.
My internet connection did not have any issues either. That time I could not even get to your ‘contact us’ page. Now I can see there was a maintenance process was going on from 5PM to 11.30PM.
When I phoned, I was advised to email with screenshots. Luckily I have taken screenshots, what if I haven’t? Still I’m waiting for their response.
Other issue, is that I find it confusing when booking an Online Proctored exam due to the time zones. I booked my last test in EST which is 14 hours behind Sydney, AEST time. When I phoned Pearson customer service after booking was made, I was advised all Pearson Online exams show EST time. Now when I go to book an exam, it shows me AEST instead of EST. Not sure have they updated systems now so I can use AEST or is it just a glitch that I still have to add 14 hours to that time? When I was asking this question this morning in a chat session, I was advised that all times shown are in AEST. Then I said I was advised previously that times are in EST and chat support guy called , Allan was disappeared and never replied back.
NB: I assumed this before my exam too. So I was ready to connect to my exam 20th June 6PM in AEST (Sydney time) as well but it said at that time the exam cannot be started yet.
I’m waiting for Pearson’s reply about my refund / reschedule. Cheers guys.

I have had the same issues. I have only 2 local test centers and they fill up and are booked months ahead of time. Because of school I have to take the test within a certain time. I tried online exams 4 times. 1st test would not start. 2nd time the proctor said my ID photo was not clear enough. 3rd and 4th time my webcam frooze up and they stopped the exam. 3rd and 4th were with different webcams 1 a HP intergrated and 2nd a Logitech. I was on a 50/10 connection both times. Pearson was horrible to deal with. No concern for my deadlines

Yep. I just cancelled my online proctored exam. The app kept grumbling about running programs, notable malwarebytes, and each time I closed them it locked up my PC (Win 10). I have developed apps with Adobe AIR in the past and I can assure you it’s not up this task. Microsoft needs to put some Microsoft software in place to do this.

Today I tried to take online proctored exam. The “Start” button was not appear at the VUE support did not help anything.

Thanks Cathrine for sharing! The opportunity cost of cleaning desk, pre-exam preparation + the risk of losing the exam versus does not add up for typical individual unless you are a frequent online tester. You might not get the best locker and chair, but able to start the exam in minutes when you are ready is unbeatable.

Great post Cathrine! I could not take the exam with PvProctor version 2.9.0 which was realeased to day, I had tried System Test with older version. Unfortunately Pearson VUE help didn’t respond. I Strongly suggest to not take the exam online. Putting some more time and mony to travel to test center is much better to waste it all.

It has happened to me today as well, Pearson site showing:”no exam scheduled” but have email confirmation from them with date, time, id and instructions. Live chat with Pearson had wasted my time, chatting person disappeared after asking “how can I help you”…funny
Phone call to Pearson took one hour, no less, they created incident finally. Surprisingly 3 hours later they sent email and reschedule exam.
Will see how it will ended.

We are hopeful that PearsonVUE will make move to Examity. Microsoft employees deserve to have a proper test experience.

I had a horrible experience with the online testing.

My system had 0 problems pre-test. Once the proctor stopped chatting and I closed the chat box and began the test, it seemed to go smoothly for a while. After completing somewhere around 42/52 questions within 50 min, I clicked the left arrow to go back one question and the secure browser crashed. I received a popup stating to close the browser “ok” or “cancel”. I pressed cancel, and received a report type page inside the secure browser. I immediately clicked the Contact Proctor button which is part of the PV Proctor client(which still showed recording). After about 20 min minutes, I clicked on the button again, and still no response. One hour and 15 min later, I reached the “End time” of my exam and still had not been contacted. I forcibly exited the PV app and the Secure Browser and called the phone support. I got a support rep who had problems translating my English into creating me a ticket. The rep basically put “User’s browser crashed around 50min, with an error, could not finish exam”.

So I checked the Microsoft/Pearson Vue login page and my exam is still in progress and so I do not know if I completed enough of the exam to score the passing score. I have no idea, what they are going to make me do, probably reschedule and retake the entire exam. I was pretty frustrated and unhappy with the fact that no Proctor contacted me within just over an hour. No matter what the resolution, I plan to contact Microsoft regarding this horrible experience. I probably will not ever waste my time again with this, this is a good way to lose business.

For all of the problems, and the horrible customer support, they should give this exam to me at no cost. At least, a free second exam might be worth me attempting to try it again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

Hi Cathrine, Thank you very much for your valuable & detailed post. It’s a really great post. I have gone through online proctored Exam “ITIL v3” conducted by Examcert when took Simplilearn training. It was really nice. I didn’t face any hassles and impressed take future also. I have registered 70-410 with pearson / Microsoft with the same Spirit. After reviewing your experience re-thinking about it. Anyway I have booster pack too :). Wish me best luck :).

The Software still seems buggy, I cant even run the the test software. After contacting useless tech support they told me to cancel the exam. After reading this i defiantly will cancel. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I just had a similar issue today just a couple of hrs ago. I have taken 2 exams before and there is always been an issue. This time I couldnt take a photo of myself -option grayed out. Tried launching the app a few times, restarted my system didnt help. Contacted cust support but they were helpless only stating that someone will contact me in 3 days. I couldnt rescheduled or cancel my appointment. I am not going to bother with on line testing anymore. I got up early to refresh and get ready for the exam -all for nothing, wasted all my day. I only hope they reimburse my fee and I will go to an onsite place

I love the online Proctored exams. Specially because it allows me to take exams in evenings or weekends. I must say that the problems you encountered were avoidable: I always go through the online system test about an hour before I take my exam. Always being sure that everything is up to date.
The requirements are clear …..

Did you even read the entire blog post? The requirements are very clear, absolutely, but the problem was not avoidable in my case. When they release a new version of the software between the system test and the exam, and the new software doesn’t work on multiple machines and operating systems – it’s not good enough. Glad to hear it has worked well for you, though.

My problem was also unavoidable, I was 3/4 or more of the way through the exam when it had a problem. Their support was absolutely non-existant. And their followup of the problem was even slower.

I usually go to the testing center, but when I saw online proctored was available I thought I’d give it a try, and wouldn’t have to wait until the following day to write. Everything went as smooth as possible. I had one small glitch with the camera and the agent had to refresh her side to get it working. That’s it. After running into this post I’m a little concerned about doing it again. Anyhow, I wanted to post a positive experience since most people just post the negative.

I have gone through the test 3 times. I had too faced technical issues. I was about to start the exam process. After launching the software it showed Adobe update, I updated then start facing the issues like take headshot webcam capture button disabled / network disconnecting / chat window display issue etc :(. Finally greeter rescheduld to next day. It was just fine in the next day. Let’s hope dont get issues in next 2 attempts.

My experience with Microsoft Online Proctored Exam was excellent. :-) I had no issues whatsoever. I’m guessing it depends on circumstances at play. I wrote my exam at 10:45 CEST from Sweden on a regular Thursday. I sat on macOS (Sierra) using Safari and PVproctor. I was physically connected to a fiber connection (100 Mbps). I must admit that I was hesitant on whether or not to go through with it, based on all the negative experience other people have had. But since it was my first attempt out of 5 (had a Microsoft Booster Pack) my curiosity to try out this new way of taking Microsoft exams was too great. ;-) I’m glad I did and as an extra bonus I passed and can now show off my new shiny MCSE: Productivity. :-D.

Congratulations, Jesper! That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing :)

Hey man, did you use the notebook’s integrated camera or you had an external one?

Hi there. Last Saturday Oct 22 I started the check-in process using the software (That I had already tested the day before) and all was good, no technical difficulties at all. However, no greeter contacted me. Since I started about 15 min before the scheduled time, I waited for about 30 min. After that I contacted the help chat and they opened an incident. Waiting to see what they decide. First time using this online exam method, not a good impression of it.

I had an exam scheduled for this morning 10/28/2016. I went through the validation checks and ensured that my workspace was acceptable. It took about 15 minutes for a host to log me in so that I could take my exam. Unfortunately during the validation process, it stated that I needed to close a background process which was difficult to identify with the name that the Pearson app provided. Apparently I closed the wrong process and I was given another shot. After a second try, the background process still wouldn’t close. At this point, the exam was cancelled and the proctor rescheduled me for a time at which I was not available. I could still hear the proctor on the other end of the chat but he was clearly ignoring me. I will now miss a deadline due to poor customer service and application delivery. I will never use this poor product again. STAY AWAY!!!! As an alternative, I rescheduled my exam for a local testing facility. While it is inconvenient, at least I know my exam won’t be cancelled when I show up.

It should be time for them to invest a bit on it. I also had an awful experience today: I logged in and never got the call from the proctor to be able to start the exam. They’re stupid enough to let you take the exam on Saturdays, when no customer support is offered, so calling to every possible Pearson / Arcitura-related phone I found was pointless. No one answered. I’m looking forward to them solving my issue and advice EVERYONE not to ever use this well-meant but poorly-built software.

I have also attempted to take the online proctored exam on 3 separate occasions and all failed when attempting to connect to media server. Their customer support is non-existent – simply reschedule exam. I was unable to get anyone to return my emails or phone calls. The have stated that it is something on my end as their services are working. I disable my firewall etc, rebooted, uninstalled software and did a “remove the evil spirits” dance around my desk chair. All to no avail. Its nice to know that I am not the only one to experience these issues. From now on only the testing centers.

Here we are December 2016 and I just had the same terrible experience. They “compensated” me with an exam voucher. So they compensated me with a voucher for something I had already paid for and didn’t receive, and touted that it was good for any exam “free of charge”. Unreal.

I’m sorry to read that you had a bad experience and I too have read horrible reviews for the Microsoft Online Proctored tests but I decided to give it a shot. I took the 70-410 one in Nov 2015 in a locked office at home over wifi and cable internet (US) without any issues. I took the 70-411 in June 2016 at work in a locked office with AT&T MPLS network without any issue and just took the 70-412 exam in the same place as the first and had no issues. I also used the Surface Pro 3, the same one each time but used a Logitech USB device for mic and cam since the Pro 3 camera and mic are of low quality. For me I have had nothing but good experiences and it is sad to see so many people who had difficulties which sounds like issues with the software they use for the exam.

Hi Travis, thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear about positive experiences as well, and I hope that things will continue to get better.

Online proctored exams are fine for those who have long distances to get to a test center. I am based in the south of Thailand. It worked fine for a few MS certifications. I also experienced some issues with that PVproctor software. The proctor did not let me in the exam because of technical issues on their side (yesterday). The exam was rescheduled. One hour later I logged in again and it was possible to take that exam immediately. I took it because I would take it on that day and the preparations before. I would not wait a week more for the next try. And there was a big surprise, It was possible to get in the exam with the same PC as before. What has changed in that time? Surely not my PC. It was late in the evening – frustrated of the first software failure and tired. I failed that exam. :(

Some thoughts to the online proctor exams:

Microsoft provides Pearson VUE with these exams. How is that controlled?
To take a test in an official testing center seems to be the best choice. Everything is official. You have a direct contact in front.

The online proctored exams are delivered by Pearson online from anywhere on that globe (it seems to come from India in my case). Who controls that these online exams are not manipulated? Is there a protocol from Microsoft? Is this monitored by Microsoft? Are these online exams verifiable on authenticity? We are right now in a time where IT security is a big issue. You get an exam on your PC at home from anyone and anywhere on that globe. What happened with that exam between Microsoft and you? “Microsoft Runs on Trust.” Can you trust someone you do not see and you do not know where that person is located? I would recommend Microsoft to provide the online exams with a checksum. The test takers can validate the authenticity and integrity of the exams and can be sure that these exams are not manipulated by a third party.

Sort of comforting that I am not the only one having problems with Microsoft and Pearson VUE exams. My adventure started with a need to reschedule the exam, so I contacted Pearson VUE support using the chat function. My exam was rescheduled but I did not get any confirmation but did not think that should matter. I got the confirmation during the contact with the support, but just to make sure I contacted support a few hours before the exam was due to begin. The lady I spoke to confirmed that she had the chat history, confirmed that I provided information that I wanted to reschedule, including to what date and hour. However, she also confirmed that the chat function is unstable (on their side) so it was ended without them sending me a confirmation. That, off course, was my responsibility to make sure that they send and for that reason I was a “no show” since I missed attending the exam I tried to reschedule, and believed I had. Last week I made a new attempt to take the exam, but the software did not work (authentication failed). After spending 20 min on the phone with Pearson support I got the information that I might get a new exam attempt free of charge, but it will take them approx. 3-5 days to make the decision. Its today seven days and I have not heard anything. I did however make a new attempt using Pearson VUE today, but once again the authentication failed. Support rescheduled me for tomorrow, and when asking why it should work better tomorrow then today I got the answer…I fixed it during our talk, or call back tomorrow….Sorry for my poor english, but I am amazed that Microsoft can allow this to continue…

Cathrine, thanks for warning against possible (terrible) issues with the online proctored exam. I got stuck during the system check _before_ scheduling the exam, I googled for “PVproctor stuck while checking connection” and I came across your blog post. I’ll be happy to drive a couple of hours to get to the nearest test center and get rid of all the possible hassles of an online exam.

Thanks again!

I am with the support line for the last one hour and they are horrible, I don’t get a start exam button on the screen and all they can say is we can reschedule – terrible terrible experience – Avoid

People, NEVER go for an Online Proctor test with Pearson Vue. I had a horrible experience with their service today, as I had my scheduled exam. Just 5 minutes into my exam, their PVProctor application crashed, and the proctor guy even didn’t´ call me back, even as we were talking several minutes during the check-in process, I mean, he had my number, why he didn’t´ call back to know what happened?.
I contacted the Pearson Chat support, and they told me that supposedly my exam appeared as “completed”, I mean, just 5 minutes for a 1:30 hrs exam??, they just offered me to open a ticket and contact them in 3 business days to know resolution. I just want a new voucher so I can reschedule in a Pearson test site, as their online proctor service is TERRIBLE. I have done other proctored exams online with Axelos for example, without any issue or hassle, so I thought Pearson’s was good. I was wrong.

Thank you for posting your experience in the online exam. This is a warning to all who would attempt to take the online proctored exam.

I just recently took two DELL EMC Online Proctored exams with no big issues. My first time on Friday was a bit annoying since some Windows 10 process causes the PVproctor software to close and had to contact support to reopen my exam, but after closing and killing all the background process with task manager i had no further problem. Monday was my second exam and i didn’t have any problems with this one :)

BTW, my camera took a blurry picture of my ID but support gave me the option to take and upload the picture from my mobile device using the Access Code of the exam.

Seems like the software has improved a lot since the start of this Post.


I just did a PV proctor Microsoft exam. My webcam froze four times. After each freeze the PV people came on and reset the connection. The third reset he said if this happens again then they will terminate the exam. I was not allowed to get someone from IT to see why the webcam was freezing. The fourth freeze the proctor was extremely rude and curt. They came on and said, our rules are clear that you are cheating, we are terminating the exam. Poof it was gone. No have a good or bad day, just gone.

Should have read this before taking the exam. I was half way through when Proctor pop up window appeared on the screen that it detected forbidden sw and will close. That’s it. Last seconds of camera recording was me Reading a test question with my hands visible, than me swearing a LOT. What’s the point of having a nice Sir from India on the chat when chat is closed? At 8 PM no help line. I mean he had my phone, email address. Is it that hard to contact me when I cannot reopen that fantastic Person Vue SW? Very, very disappointed.

I take my online protor examination last day January 06, 2018 but during the exam pv protor apps freeze, so the assistance person call on my phone and ask to reboot the laptop after rebooting pv protor unable to load the exam that’s why my exam not finish, Pearson vue send me email regarding to my problem during g exam, it is possible to reschedule my exam again with any fee?

I did a proctored exam with Pearson Vue on 2018-03-21. I don’t think they have done much to their software since you wrote this post. I had a few technical difficulties, like the proctor not hearing me and no greeter showing up at the exam time. I killed the app and relaunched it a couple of times. Unfortunately it turned out that the beast (app) was only half dead, and when the greter showed up, and we were finally able to start the exam, there were three chat windows, all competing for the input focus.

This said, I was able to finish the exam. The experience, however, is a bit mixed.

Just tried to take my 70-698 exam this afternoon. After running two successful tests the day before, I logged in about 15 minutes prior to my exam start time and could not get past the “head shot” step in the process – there was no display in the little webcam box in the app and the ‘NEXT’ button was grayed out, even though the program detected my webcam in the previous steps and I could see my webcam display on my monitor directly behind the app window. Killed the app and tried running through the process again and got the same result. Just to make sure, I ran the test one more time and it was successful, but by this time I had spent so much time with this terrible program that my test had closed and I could no longer take it. Called customer support and dealt with a very nice service rep, but due to an extremely thick accent and an absolutely horrible connection, I could not understand most of the conversation. It sounds like my issue will be reviewed and I’ll be told in 3-5 business days if I can re-take the exam without having to pay for it. This was an absolutely terrible and frustrating experience and if I had a better option, there is no way I would ever consider taking another online proctored exam through these guys again.

Like folks above…an unacceptable situation with the online exam for Microsoft 70-7780. I ran alll the pre-reqs 24 hours before, closed **all desktop apps** except Pearson Vue, completed all the checkin process, started the exam and withing 60 seconds, the screen went white stating that “adobe software had been detected” and it was a security voliolation, and the exam was instantly halted. The proctor did not respond within the time limit and my exam is now in a position where I cannot reschedule or cancel. Spoke to customer support who have passed in on to the technical team (who will apparently respond in 48 hours).

This experience was running on fully patched Win 10 and passed all the Person app system tests 24 hours earlier. But the app tests clearly dont test for the adobe background services that halted my test. And nowehere can I find a list of the offending services

Very cheesed off. Sub standard process and software from Pearson

I could get an access code. Tried 3 browsers on 2 machines . 50 minutes in chat and they just generated a case number. Have to wait 3 -4 business days before a reply . Disappointing service!!! I was planning to do a group of exams this year but they lost my business !!

I had good ones and bad ones. I had two exams proctored. No problem, went all well.

Then in time I scheduled more. When I start the exam I am receiving “Alert!” and nothing else. They are reviewing the issue and rescheduling the exam over and over but same issue. Tried with different computers, different OS, different networks, different browsers. Maybe 5-6 of my exams gone waste. I gave up and took the exams on a local test center. Their platform is buggy and unreliable. If you care for your money and time, avoid it.

Hi Catherine, My experience is exactly same as yours. I tried scheduling this OP exam twice with no luck purely only due to technical issues. This is however my experience with OP exams and its really giving me a hard time. I almost got there where I was about to start my exam but couldn’t click on “yes” to accept terms and conditions as the button had been grayed out. No sure what the problem was but I have emailed them and reported about this. Will hopefully find out soon and not looking forward to the same thing happening again.

Had the exact same issue as Kavita for a Microsoft exam.

Same here, tried this exam delivery format for the first time. What a pain!! for me I have a USB based NIC in my PC, the exam secure browser kept kicking me out with a security violation due to swUSB.exe running. Well this is the NIC wifi software – my PC passed all the checks. I’m even more annoyed that the Proctor was useless. Total cr@p!!

Hi Catherine

Exam 2PM QLD Australia today.

Same here, my mouse was laggy (REALLY LAGGY) on a 25MB connection and 4mb upload as measured prior t and post test. The guy who did my room inspection was so so very fussy and I ran out of time for the survey at the start on question 4, and didnt get past question 1 of first case study due to extreme mouse lag, on external and touchpad. Restarted session with tech (it took me 10mins to select the button at the top), same thing. Restarted computer and session, same thing. Removed version 2.22.22 which i had installed already and same deal, lag city.

Awaiting call back now to then hopefully reschedule at a test centre 30mins drive away.
I have supported 100’s of students in NAPLAN online since late 2015 and this was a much worse online procured experience.

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