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Develop in Editor Online or Offline

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The Biml intellisense in Visual Studio is limited to pure Biml only. As soon as you start adding BimlScript you will see errors that are not really errors and the intelliprompt will stop working. Paul S. Waters (@pswaters) has written a great post on with a few workarounds.

One workaround is to use the Editor and copy / paste the code into Visual Studio. This is my favorite workaround because I can keep my code clean and I don’t have to comment or move code around:
BimlScript Online Editor

This Editor can even be installed on your computer so you can use it offline! Just right-click and choose “Install MistCloud Application onto this computer…”:
Install BimlScript Editor on your computer

After installing, you will be able to use the MistCloud Application on your computer:
BimlScript MistCloud Application

This is really useful for me when I’m on a bus, train or plane. It’s a somewhat hidden feature, so I hope others will read this and find it useful as well :)

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